CMS Install

WarpKnot CMS Install

In order to install WarpKnot CMS, you'll need access to a server. First, you'll need to create a database, after that import the WarpKnot CMS database file and update the config file.

Database Creation

WarpKnot CMS needs a MySQL database in order to run. Please see the below pictures on how to create a database.


Create Database

The first step in using the CMS is creating a database.

Create Database

Database File Import

Once your database was created, you need to import our database file.

Download database file from

Database File Import

Config files

Once you have created your database and uploaded your files on the server, creating the config files is the only remaining step.

Example Files

Creating the config files

WarpKnot CMS comes with the default config files. The only thing that you need to do, is to create a copy of each one of the example.*.php and remove the example string from the filename.

By the end, you'll need to have the following files:


Creating the config files

Updating the config files

Now that you have your config files created, you'll need to edit two of them.

Enter your database details into the database.php file, and set your application name into the application.php file.

Once your config files have been updated, all that remains is to set the 777 permissions to the uploads directory.

Updating the config files

Accessing the dashboard

In order to access the dashboard please use the following details:

Website Url: http(s)://
Username: admin
Password: admin

Accessing the dashboard